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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Secrets of the World's Best School Systems - Newsweek

All over the world, your chances of success in school and life depend more on your family circumstances than on any other factor. By age three, kids with professional parents are already a full year ahead of their poorer peers. They know twice as many words and score 40 points higher on IQ tests. By age 10, the gap is three years. By then, some poor children have not mastered basic reading and math skills, and many never will: this is the age at which failure starts to become irreversible.

"How to Close the Achievement Gap" High-quality preschooling does more for a child’s chance for success than any other educational intervention. However, education starts at home, parent involvement means more to children than most parents understand. "The home is the child's first school, the parent in the child's first teacher, and reading in the child's first subject." ~ Barbara Bush What's your take?

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