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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What is Family Literacy?

What is family literacy? An educational solution to address the social foundation of poverty: poverty due to low literacy rates. Family literacy is a program that offers literacy instruction for the whole family versus adults only with separate instruction/tutoring for children.

Family literacy offers educational opportunities for each family member to improve literacy levels, life skills, increase self-esteem and provide hope for self-sufficiency.  This is based on idea that parents and children learn optimally when educationally engaged together.  Family literacy inspires families and communities!

Family literacy helps to limit some barriers to success, such as un/underemployment, poverty, poor health and inadequate housing. When parents battle with literacy and basic life skills, the children often have restricted opportunities for success. Family literacy is “education’s intervention” attempting to eradicate this destructive cycle giving families the tools they need to leave a legacy of education for generations to come!

Parents are typically eager to assist in the terms of their children's educational development however due to the lack of time in double-income households, deficient parental literacy, and familial financial constraints many are neither able to teach nor able to finance their children’s supplemental educational endeavors. This is where the FreshStart Literacy meets the need by providing its services made available by sliding scale payments, government and foundational grants as well as other funding options.

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