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Monday, May 10, 2010

Preventing the “Summer Slide”

Are you interested in Summer Enrichment for your children? Do you have children who are struggling readers?  Perhaps they are marginally reading on level.  FreshStart Literacy offers tutoring for grades kinder- 4th grade in the Fort Worth, TX area.  For more information about how to get your son/daughter involved leave your name and child's grade level in the discussion tab (FreshStart Literacy: Summer Bridge) along with any area of concern that we can address.  Avoid the "Academic Slide" that happens during the summer months; sign- up today to keep your child on track for academic success.  The "Academic slide" for educator’s means that for the first two months or so of the fall semester, teachers are spending precious hours of instruction with remedial work, assisting students in getting back on track and ready to receive new instruction.  These first four to six week are pivotal even for students who are already performing on level at the end of June.   However, if your student has become frustrated due to this summer achievement gap, it could result in poor classroom behavior; reductions in your student’s confidence and further demonstrate itself in low self-esteem.   A study done in the Grand Rapids Public Schools from 2003 and 2004 showed the summer learning loss reached almost 40 percent for some of their students.  Let’s have One Crazy Summer and prevent the “Summer Slide” by turning our attention to books instead of hours of video games, and keeping some type of educational focus/structure throughout the summer months.  If you know a neighbor or a friend that may need assistance, share this information with them the bottom line is to help student’s with academic success eradicating illiteracy making All Things Bright and Beautiful!

All Things Bright and Beautiful                            One Crazy Summer                          The Kissing Hand 

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